Situating Everyday Life, a work-in-progress, at first glance seems to document the mild pleasures and innocent interests of couples in retirement. But as viewers are persuaded to look inward, both the complexity of long-term endearment and the vitality of aged creativity are revealed. Situating Everyday Life provides a parody on social media as it addresses age-specific typecasts. The installation places the viewer in the epicenter of an image bombardment that has the ability to clarify or cloud the intended meaning. 

The trilogy Situating Everyday Life tells the stories of the changing continuity with friends, a winter storm and domestic rituals. 


Simulation of Situating  Life installation

Simulation of Situating  Life installation

The following rough-cut videos and  photographs characterize the installation's visuals. Unfortunately, the viewer's interactions that trigger the passage through the installation cannot be replicated on this medium.


Part 1

The first of 3 videos, Dinner With Friends, shows the simple act of friends enjoying dinner. But if you look further into to this website you will see the complexity of their camaraderie. In Pittsburgh in the 1970s they dealt with the limits of friendship, in Canto V they discussed lust, in Right Noise they were faced with political and religious extremes, in Bathers, Sleepers and Dreamersthey dreamt, and currently in Age-Specific they address sex, drugs and aging


Part 2

Maelstrom, the center backdrop video, takes place during the winter of storms on the California central coast in 2017. Wave after wave of storms battered the coastline, depositing redwood trunks onto the beaches and sliding hills onto the roads.  But with all this background wreckage there was magic in the mist. Californians absorbed the tempest and as the storm clouds opened to starry nights and dramatic skies crowned debris laced beaches, they returned to paradise. The Maelstrom photographs addresses the distant and fading interaction between generations while dealing with daily milestones like crossing Highway #1, putting out the recyclables and going to the grocer.  


Part 3

The opposing video to Dining with Friends, Domestic Rituals portrays how after a 40+ years relationship a couple innately sets boundaries, instinctively engages, distinctively disengages and inherently finds comfort in their common space.