Dionysus Press is my artist book imprint incorporating hand bookbinding, letterpress printing and inkjet printed photographs. Titles of the limited edition books include; Policing Pleasure(2003), Right Noise (2005), Blind Desire (2005),  Blues not Blues(2005), Flinch (2005), Rustics(2007), Avalon (2010), and Age-Specific (2012).

     Books published under this imprint are in the book collections of the Whitney Museum of Art, The Getty Research Institute, The Flaxman Library of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, University of Iowa, Smithsonian artist book collection, University of Arizona, Notre Dame University and Stanford University among others.


Age-Specific, poplar edition, addresses the sex, drugs and rock and roll generation transition to elderliness. .

Age-Specific, museum edition, addressing the sex, drugs and rock and roll generation. 

Canto V of the Inferno was reenacted and photographed in the turbulent and hellish waters of a hot tub in Pittsburgh. Published in 2004 as an edition 0f 20.

Policing Pleasure glorifies fictious lustful saints in the real duomo of Italy. Limited edition artist book quarter bound in Italian leather and linen with custom Pennsylvania cherry wood and ash slipcase.

Right Noise observes the infiltration of right politics in 2004 USA.  A limited edition artist that is book quarter bound in French leather and Japanese nylon cloth with custom machined acrylic and aluminum slipcase.

Blind Desire